Student Innovation Awards

Global Tech Summit Joins Hands with NRDC and APIS to Honor Tech Innovation in India

Student Innovation Awards

Recommendations for Awards

Best innovative student award

This Award aims for students which recognises and celebrates the best student innovation, who guarantees a successful future and leaves a positive legacy.

Outstanding Student Poster Award

The Student Poster Award honours the most outstanding poster presentations that exhibit superior research, concise presentation, and in-depth knowledge as evidenced by responses to judge-posted questions.

Most Innovative City Award

This category honours the best city in terms of innovation, revolutions, and development made possible by cutting-edge technology. These actions improve quality of life while also strengthening commercial operations and public service delivery, all of which have a positive effect on society.

Excellent Pharma Poster

Gaining recognition through an award is a great method to raise the profile of a business and its products. The Best Poster in Pharma recognizes the best poster presentations that demonstrate excellent research, clear presentation, and in-depth knowledge as demonstrated by answers to judge-posted questions.

Excellent Biotechnology Poster

Exceptional chance to present your biotechnology projects as a poster that combines visual and verbal explanations. This prize is recognised as the best poster in the field of biotechnology, which is laying the foundation for our future with innovation and vision.

Best Concept Award

The Greatest Idea (concept) Award acknowledges and recognises the idea that is the best and has a vision for the development of society and technology that is futuristic, creative, logical, and cosmic.

Young Pioneers award

The young Innovators (Pioneers) Award recognizes extraordinary youngsters. The young Innovator Award is for Young Innovators or pioneers who come up with a unique, creative, originative, logical, innovation that'll make the world a better place.

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