Emerging Technologies in Psychology

Emerging Technologies in Psychology

Emerging Technologies in Psychology

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Emerging Technologies in Psychology:

Psychologists have a crucial part to play, both in developing these tools for positive changes in people and in understanding the issues of technology on effects like health and well-being, life satisfaction, productivity, interpersonal connections, education and health care.


Session 01: Child Psychology

Child psychology deals with the subconscious and conscious childhood development and to understand their intellectual development.

Session 02: Psychology and Mental Health 

Mental health involves emotional, cerebral and social well-being, impacting intellect, perception and behavior. It also defines how an existent handles stress, interpersonal connections and decision-making.

Session 03: Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology is the branch of psychology deals with internal processes. Mainly focuses on how the relations of thinking, emotion, creativity and problem- working capabilities affect how.

Session 04: Health Psychology

Health psychology is the study of intellectual and behavioral processes in health, illness and healthcare.

Session 05: Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology involves integration of natural knowledge, behavioral knowledge, proposition and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing and relieving psychologically affliction and promote well- being and development.

Session 06: Business/Occupational Psychology

Business psychology combines the both knowledge of natural psychology and practical business operation to enhance the work medium for retainers, to organize groups of people in companies and enrich productivity in businesses.

Session 07: Community and Cross-Cultural Psychology

Cross-cultural psychology is a branch of psychology that explores the correspondences and differences in thinking and behavior between people from different societies.

Session 08: Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology deals with Humans across the Lifespan. Experimental psychologists concentrate on natural growth and changes across the duration, including physical, cognitive, social, intellectual, perceptual, personality and emotional growth.

Session 09: Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is the process of estimating an entity's intellectual health and behavioral performing through the use of standardized tests, compliances and other approaches.

Session 10: Relationships and the Family

Family relationships are enduring and consequential for well-being across the life course. We bandy several types of family connections—connubial, intergenerational and stock ties—that have an important influence on well-being.

Session 11: Social Psychology

Social psychology is the study of your mind and behavior with other people. Social psychology looks at your personality, interpersonal connections and group interactions.

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