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Students can play a significant role in driving innovation, as they are often at the forefront of new thinking and ideas. Students can approach problems and challenges with fresh perspectives and can bring a sense of curiosity and creativity to their work. The Student Innovation serves as a base camp for students to bring their ideas to life. Home to a vibrant community of student innovators, the Student Innovations are suitable for extracurricular science and technology-based competitions, maker projects, and student-led ventures at every stage, from design evaluation to entrepreneurship planning. This can lead to the development of new ideas and methods, or the improvement of Students.

Topics to Involve:

  1. Participating in hackathons or other problem-solving events
  2. Engaging in research or other projects as part of their studies
  3. Joining clubs or organizations focused on innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. Working on personal projects or hobbies that involve creative problem-solving
  5. Collaborating with other students or professionals to develop new ideas or solutions


Student Innovation's mission is to inspire, grow and sustain a culture of student innovators.
Supporting science and technology extracurricular projects and competitions.
Foster the discovery and exploration of ideas.
Connect students to new technologies and expertise.
Build a playful, creative and welcoming community.

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