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Scholars Innovation brings together experts in education, technology and virtual learning to advocate for innovative and transformative practices that improve the academic experience of students and faculty. This includes innovations in teaching, learning and assessment, tools and resources for educators and students, and exploration of professional development through creative and innovative learning experiences.


Innovation is an important part of the process of scientific, technological, and social advancement, and scholars play a crucial role in driving this process forward. Encouraging scholars to engage in innovative thinking and providing them with the resources and support they need to bring their ideas to fruition can help foster a culture of innovation in academia and beyond.


There are many ways that scholars can drive innovation through their work, including:

  1. Conducting original research and publishing their findings in academic journals or other publications
  2. Collaborating with other researchers or organizations to advance the state of knowledge in a particular field
  3. Applying their expertise to solve real-world problems or develop new technologies or products
  4. Sharing their research with the public through talks, presentations, or other outreach activities.
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