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Student Innovation Forum

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Students, who are frequently at the forefront of new thinking and ideas, may play a crucial role in fostering innovation. Students can approach difficulties and obstacles from different perspectives, bringing a feeling of wonder and creativity to their work. The Student Innovation Center acts as a base camp for students to develop their ideas. The Student Innovations, home to a thriving community of student innovators, are ideal for extracurricular science and technology-based contests, creative projects, and student-led businesses at all stages, from design review to entrepreneurship development. This might result in the creation of new ideas and methodologies, as well as the improvement of students.

Topics to Involve:

  • Participating in hackathons or other problem-solving events
  • Engaging in research or other projects as part of their studies
  • Joining clubs or organizations focused on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Working on personal projects or hobbies that involve creative problem-solving
  • Collaborating with other students or professionals to develop new ideas or solutions


  • The objective of Student Innovation is to inspire, cultivate, and keep alive a culture of young entrepreneurs.
  • Extra-curricular technological and scientific projects and contests are supported.
  • Encourage the discovery and development of new ideas.
  • Introduce students to new technology and areas of expertise.
  • Create a fun, creative, and friendly community.
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