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Andhra Pradesh Government

Andhra Pradesh is a state in southern India. The government of Andhra Pradesh is overseen by the Governor, who is appointed by the President of India. The Chief Minister, who leads the Council of Ministers, has full executive authority. The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council make up the state legislature. Amravati is also the seat of the state's high court. Andhra Pradesh's current Chief Minister is YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Even while the governor is still the ceremonial head of the state, the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers, who have extensive legislative powers, run the government on a daily basis.

IACC Indo America Chamber of Commerce

The Indo- American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), innovated in 1968, is the premier bilateral chamber fostering profitable engagement between India and the US. To enhance US- India Economic Engagement, Ambassador Chester Bowles innovated it alongside other visionaries and leaders from the assiduity at the time, including Mr. S.L. Kirloskar, Mr. Harish Mahindra, Mr. H.P. Nanda, Mr. Ambalal Kilachand, Mr. A.M.M. Arunachalam, Mr. Frederick Fales, and Mr. John Oris Sims. With over 1800 members now, IACC is present throughout all of India and represents both the US and Indian diligence. Their charge is to serve as the leading bilateral chamber devoted to advancing business, profitable, and marketable relations between the United States and India.

The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) is a non-profit organization that promotes trade and investment between India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It was established in 1992 as part of the India-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Agreement. The Council is based in New Delhi and is composed of representatives from the private sector in both India and ASEAN member countries.

The main objectives of the IACC are to promote trade and investment between India and ASEAN, to provide a platform for business networking and information exchange, to organize business delegations and trade fairs, and to provide assistance in resolving trade-related issues.

The IACC also works closely with the government of India and the ASEAN member countries to identify and remove trade barriers and to promote economic cooperation. The organization plays a crucial role in fostering economic ties between India and ASEAN countries.


When Pulsus was founded in 1984, it initially concentrated on the American continent. Now, it is extending its healthcare informatics platform to physicians and pharmaceutical executives in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and all other continents. Since its beginning, medical organizations and well-known multinational enterprises have endorsed Pulsus. With this help, Pulsus Group was able to build strong relationships with the scientific and business communities as well as with businesses and active physicians. For thirty years, Pulsus Healthtech has published books on medicine and healthcare, and both its contributors and readers have given it high marks. As an avid scientific publisher of open-access and hybrid-access peer-reviewed journals, Pulsus Group is currently diversifying its publication portfolio into other fields by including all major science, technology, and medical journals.

Pulsus Healthtech is presently concentrating on developing healthcare informatics and pharmacovigilance market assessments of the current and future possibilities of the global healthcare market with a view to preserving, exploring, exchanging, and disseminating scientific discoveries and knowledge. With its headquarters in Singapore, PULSUS also maintains offices in London, Ontario, Chennai, and Hyderabad (India). In cooperation with international medical organizations and scientific societies, PULSUS Healthtech LTD is an enthusiastic international publisher of medical research and event planner for the scientific community.

Knowledge Partners and Jury


In 1953, the National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), a government-owned company in India, was built. It falls under the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, and is an independent organization.

The main objective of NRDC is to promote and market indigenous innovations created by different research and development organizations in India. Offering entrepreneurs and innovators both technical and financial support, it helps to close the gap between the laboratory and the market.

In India, the corporation has played a significant role in encouraging entrepreneurship and fostering the expansion of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It has aided in the commercialization of a number of homegrown technologies in a variety of fields, including biotechnology, renewable energy, and electronics.

Along with managing projects, facilitating technology transfer, and protecting intellectual property rights, NRDC also offers technical consulting services. In order to encourage innovation and technology commercialization in India, it works with a variety of partners, including research organizations, universities, and industry. Additionally, the National Research Development Corporation is essential to India's promotion and commercialization of indigenous innovations as well as the expansion of creative SMEs.

Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society

The Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society (APIS) is an organization established by the government of Andhra Pradesh, India to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the state. APIS was established in 2014 with the aim of creating an innovation-friendly ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh and promoting the development of innovative and high-growth companies.

APIS works to create a supportive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a range of services and support to startups, researchers, and entrepreneurs. This includes providing access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities, as well as facilities for research and development. APIS also runs several initiatives and programs to support innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the Startup Yatra program, which is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship in rural areas, and the Innovation Challenge program, which provides funding and support to innovative startups.

In addition to supporting startups and entrepreneurs, APIS also works with government agencies, universities, and industry partners to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the state. The organization plays an extremely important role in the development of a vibrant startup ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh and helps to drive economic growth and job creation in the state.

Overall, the Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society is a valuable resource for anyone interested in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Andhra Pradesh and helping to drive economic growth and job creation in the state.

Ministry of Science and Technology

In terms of basic research, India is one of the top nations. Indian science is now recognized as one of the most potent engines of growth and development, particularly in the context of the current economic climate. Along with managing projects, technology transfer, and intellectual property rights protection, The Ministry of Science and Technology is a key player in fostering innovation and technological development in a country. It typically sets research priorities and provides funding for science and technology projects, often in collaboration with academic, industrial, and government partners. The Ministry plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of high-tech industries and the development of new technologies that can have a positive impact on the economy and society. Additionally, it often works to promote science and technology education, increase public awareness of scientific and technological advances, and encourage greater collaboration between researchers and industry. Through its efforts, the Ministry aims to position the country at the forefront of global science and technology development, helping to drive economic growth, improve people's lives, and address pressing social and environmental challenges.

Andhra University

Andhra University. One of India's oldest and most famous institutions, it was founded in 1926. In a variety of fields, including the arts, sciences, engineering, law, and medicine, the institution provides undergraduate and graduate studies. Strong academic offerings, well-equipped research facilities, and eminent teachers are among Andhra University's many strengths. The university features a number of research institutes and centers with an emphasis on subjects including law, computer science, and marine sciences. In addition, Andhra University is known for giving students access to extracurricular activities and community service opportunities, as well as a well-rounded education. Overall, Andhra University is a reputable organization committed to offering top-notch instruction and encouraging innovation and research.

It was also the first residential university with a teaching college affiliation that prioritized post-graduate research and instruction. Since its establishment in 1926, Andhra University has a track record of satisfying educational expectations and solving social problems in the region. To promote leadership in both young men and women and instill a sense of responsibility to become good citizens, all while ensuring proper character development among students, supporting community development initiatives, and striving for excellence on all fronts.

Local Partners

Unicorn Indian Ventures

Unicorn Indian Ventures is a venture capital firm based in India that invests in early-stage startups. The term "unicorn" is used in the venture capital industry to describe privately held startups that have a valuation of over $1 billion. As a unicorn-focused venture capital firm, Unicorn Indian Ventures invests in startups that have the potential to become unicorns themselves. The firm provides capital, mentorship, and other resources to help its portfolio companies grow and succeed. Unicorn Indian Ventures is part of a larger trend of venture capital firms seeking to invest in startups in India, which is one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in the world. By providing support to early-stage startups, Unicorn Indian Ventures is helping to build a stronger and more vibrant startup community in India, while also potentially realizing significant returns for its investors.

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is a government agency responsible for overseeing the country's financial policies, managing public finances, and implementing economic reforms. Some of the key responsibilities of the Ministry of Finance include preparing and presenting the national budget, collecting and allocating public revenue, and regulating the monetary system. It also plays a central role in formulating and implementing tax policies, managing public debt, and implementing fiscal policy measures to stabilize the economy and promote growth. The Ministry works closely with other government agencies, as well as with international organizations such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to develop and implement policies that support the country's economic and financial stability. Additionally, the Ministry is often responsible for overseeing financial sector reforms, ensuring that the country's banking and financial systems are stable, transparent, and effective.

Hyderabad Angels (HA)

An angel investor network called Hyderabad Angels is based in Hyderabad, India. Angel investors are people who provide firms with early-stage financing, sometimes in exchange for a share of the company. Hyderabad Angels is a forum for connecting local angel investors with early-stage entrepreneurs looking for finance. The network makes investments in a range of sectors, including consumer products, healthcare, and technology. Hyderabad Angels help its portfolio companies develop and flourish by giving coaching and assistance in addition to finance. Hyderabad Angels are contributing significantly to the growth of the regional startup ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs with knowledgeable angel investors. The network is assisting in creating a more robust and active startup community in Hyderabad by offering promising startups early-stage funding and support. In order to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between investors and entrepreneurs, our services are centered on supporting the businesses in which we have invested. From our base in Hyderabad, we find opportunities and make investments in them both in India and in foreign countries including the USA, UK, Singapore, and the UAE. We collaborate with other angel networks, incubators, accelerators, and institutions from all over the country to discuss, come up with ideas, co-invest, and exchange information.

Indian Angel Network

A group of angel investors known as the Indian Angel Network is looking to invest in start-up businesses with exceptional value-creation potential. The Network's members are leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem because they have a history of founding and leading successful enterprises, or because they have substantial operational experience as CEOs. Building development and value for start-up firms is something they both are passionate about. The Indian Angel Network, established in April 2006, provides ongoing access to excellent mentorship, extensive networks, and advice on both strategy and execution in addition to financial support. The Network members' experiences, which include investors with a strong history in entrepreneurship and operations skills to use a big-scale database, make them better suited to assess opportunities and risks at an early stage.

International Partners


An independent publisher of academic and intellectual works, Hilaris is committed to providing free access to research in all of the main scientific domains. Hilaris focuses on publishing research in the entire major fields of medical, engineering, and pharmaceuticals as well as the humanities, economics, business, and management sciences. We kindly request that the academic scientific community disclose the findings of their most recent research so that information can be shared globally. We are passionate open-access science publishers dedicated to distributing scientifically well-researched knowledge throughout the world by overcoming time, geography, regional, and economic constraints. To this end, we provide our stakeholders with immediate online access to standardized and high-quality content. We fully think that knowledge sharing may encourage important discoveries and advancements.


Longdom, a leading worldwide conference, and webinar organizer, is instrumental in bringing together experts and beginners for fruitful and collaborative research-focused discussions. The goal of long-term conferences is to bring together scientists of all levels from a range of fields to exchange information and have informal conversations about preset subjects. Longdom conferences will present innovative, cutting-edge research on the fundamental roles in problem-solving as well as the translation of academic to industrial research. All of these opportunities for professional growth will assist emerging scientists, which will promote new collaborations and boost interest in and dedication to their exciting research initiatives. Our one-on-one meetings, strategy workshops, and executive roundtable discussions provide attendees with useful insights into the common issues they face. Get in touch with us, and we'll help.

Allied Academies

Over the years, we have attended conferences where we have delivered more than 100 papers, and we have also successfully submitted more than 50 pieces to several periodicals. By participating on editorial boards and serving as program chairs for conferences, we also learned more about journals and conferences. Our intense frustration with referees, especially editorial boards for journals, led us to believe that many excellent articles were not being published because their authors were from small universities, because the work was critical of pre-existing ideas, or because rejection letters provided little useful information to support revision. In 1994, we decided to try out the procedure we thought we could improve.

Over the years, we have attended conferences where we have delivered more than 100 papers, and we have also successfully submitted more than 50 pieces to several periodicals. By participating on editorial boards and serving as program chairs for conferences, we also learned more about journals and conferences. We were found guilty. We established the non-profit International Academy for Case Studies in 1994. The organization held a conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in October 1994. To our surprise, 60 people attended, and the organization earned enough from registration fees to pay for a journal.

We started the International Academy for Case Studies Journal, which has become a leader in the publication of business case studies.

Allied Business Academies

Publishes 14 unique publications in different business fields. Every journal published by one of our affiliates is double-blind, peer reviewed, and indexed in a wide range of academic databases and search engines, including SCOPUS, SCIMAGO, Google Scholar, EBSCO, ProQuest, Cengage Gale, LexisNexis, and many others. These journals are available online and in physical copy. We are a group of scholars whose goal is to encourage study as well as the dissemination and exchange of concepts, knowledge, and insights globally. A topic or question is studied through the collection of data or information in qualitative research, which is then assessed in its unprocessed condition. It differs from an empirical study due to the lack of statistical methods. It differs from an empirical study due to the lack of statistical methods. Referees like studies that focus on a sample or group of people's preferences or wants as well as studies that are significant to practitioners or researchers.


Euroscicon, the oldest independent life science events company, serves mostly academic clients. Our multidisciplinary and multispecialty approach creates a unique experience that cannot be purchased or acquired through a specialized organization. The production of top-notch conferences, meetings, seminars, and symposia is the strength of EuroScicon in all of the major fields of science, technology, and medicine. Since its inception, EuroScicon has developed relationships with a number of groups, organizations, and influential people at both the national and international levels who are committed to holding meetings and events of the highest standard. In addition to bringing together scientific communities, EuroScicon events have a big influence on science and research. The growth and development of scientific societies are closely tied to the growth and development of such scientific conferences.

IOMC Publishers

IOMC employs an open access and peer review publication strategy to support our goals of enhancing benefits to subscribers, authors, and editors by promoting the free and transparent exchange of ideas and unique results among academics and members of the general public. There is a need to address the difficulties presented by this extremely rapid growth since medical research is advancing globally in such a significant way. A researcher's ideal platform for sharing their outstanding work with the public is embodied by IOMC. By promoting and publishing works while upholding excellence in medical research, IOMC publications provide researchers, students, faculty members, and other academics with an effective route for disseminating high-quality medical information around the world. The mission of IOMC is to disseminate important ideas and research data to established researchers. It enables you to network with other academics through idea exchange, which results in the formation of beneficial global research collaborations.

Walsh Medical Media

A wide range of topics, including medicine, life science, biology, engineering, technology, and management, spanning agriculture, forestry, and nutrition, are covered by the well-researched, peer-reviewed journals published by Walsh Medical Media. Walsh Medical Media publishes more than 100 publications through an open-access platform, reaching more than a million readers globally. Walsh Medical Media Journals support cross-disciplinary research in the fields of pharmacology, healthcare, sociology, economics, and business management. We agree to disseminate the information acquired freely and without charge to all users in accordance with the conditions of the creative commons license policy in order to further academic and research objectives.

Insight Medical Publishing

By providing the most precise and up-to-date online learning resources, Insight Medical Publishing aims to promote and advance science, health, and technology. "In order for science to function effectively and for society to fully benefit from scientific endeavors, research data must be made available to the public. Thus, we work with renowned academics and thought leaders in the field to deliver peer-reviewed content while using an open-access, author-pay model. Insight Medical Publishing also adopts a proactive approach to deliver outcomes that are effective and reliable when archiving comprehensive journals. Since its launch in 2005, has won praise for delivering the most recent and outstanding research to the scientific community, which includes scientists, researchers, and the general public.

Ashdin Publishing

Peer-reviewed, open-access journals in the biological and medical sciences are handled by Ashdin, a reputable, independent publisher. To fulfill its commitment to the broadest sharing of cutting-edge research to the global community, Ashdin publishes all journal articles under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC-BY) license. All of Ashdin's publications are archived in Portico, a permanent archiving service, to guarantee long-term digital preservation. In January 2009, Ashdin Publishing, an independent academic publisher, was founded. The company is registered with the Commercial Registry Office in Cairo, Egypt (Commercial Register No. 388355). The company has a facility in Belgium, although its corporate offices are in Egypt.

Meeting International

Meetings International is a global leader in providing conferences, meetings, seminars, and symposia of the highest caliber in all of the important fields of science, technology, and health. Since its inception, Meetings Worldwide has collaborated on a national and worldwide level with associations, corporations, and powerful individuals to organize conferences and events of the greatest caliber. Meetings International encourages the in-depth study and peer review across a broad range of expertise globally. Meetings International's main strategic objective is to make it easier for academics and industry to communicate about scientific and medical research. Through inspiring lectures and a tonne of practice, you will become even bolder and more daring than you are now, free to expand your mind, create a business, and boost your bottom line.

Prime Scholars

A large number of academic disciplines are covered by Prime Scholars, an academic publishing house. These include Chemistry, Clinical Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, General Science, Genetics & Molecular Biology, Immunology & Microbiology, Materials Science, Medical Sciences, Neuroscience & Psychology, Nursing & Health Care, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Veterinary Sciences. Prime Scholars publishes academic works that have undergone peer review. Our Publisher brand stands out since we provide journals on all well-liked academic subjects, making it an acceptable venue for you to submit your research work for publication. We enjoin writers, societies, libraries, and other researchers to produce, share, and make it easier for people to access intellectual and scientific advancements that are tackling some of the world's most pressing issues.


Over 3000 international conferences, seminars, symposia, trade exhibits, exhibitions, and science congresses are hosted by Conference Series LLC LTD every year throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The clinical, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, technological, business management, and life sciences are only a few of the key scientific fields that are covered by these events. It is utilized by more than 25 million academics, professionals, students, and corporate organizations worldwide. World-renowned scientists, Noble laureates, and intellectuals in their fields serve as keynote speakers, panelists, and organizing committee members at our events. Our speakers get fame and renown on a worldwide scale because we connect them right to the audience through live streaming, which instantaneously broadcasts your spoken words all over the world.

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