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The G20 summit is a platform for the world's 20 major nations' leaders to debate and address global economic challenges. Academic institutions have a significant role in generating innovation via research and development, which is a fundamental driver of economic growth and employment creation. As a result, numerous G20 summits have featured activities and programs aimed at supporting and encouraging academic innovation.

One of the primary ways in which G20 summits assist academic innovation is by adopting laws and regulations that make it simpler for academics and researchers to get financing and resources. This might include things like research and development financing, tax breaks for R&D, and initiatives to assist the establishment of research and innovation ecosystems. These rules and regulations can serve to foster a climate conducive to innovation and research, attracting more academics and researchers to work on new initiatives.

Another way that G20 summits promote academic innovation is by providing chances for networking and cooperation among scholars, researchers, and industry executives. Many G20 conferences involve exhibitions and activities that bring together global scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry executives. These events allow academics and researchers to present their work, network with possible partners and collaborators, and gain exposure to new markets. This can aid in matching academics and researchers with the appropriate partners and in establishing new partnerships that can promote innovation.

In recent G20 summits, there has been an increasing focus on the role of technology in driving economic growth and innovation. As such, many G20 summits have included events and initiatives focused on supporting and promoting innovation in technology-intensive sectors such as fintech, biotech, and renewable energy. These initiatives can include things like funding for research, mentorship programs, and innovation competitions. They can also provide a platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities of research in these sectors, and how to create a favorable environment for it.

Finally, G20 summits play an important role in supporting and promoting academic innovation by promoting policies and regulations that make it easier for scholars and researchers to access funding and resources, fostering networking and collaboration opportunities, and focusing on technology-intensive sectors. Participation at G20 summits may provide a useful forum for academics and researchers to learn about the latest innovation trends and possibilities, network with other scholars, researchers, and business executives, and contribute to crafting policies that can drive innovation and economic progress.

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